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MICROLAB II is an assembly of Instruments normally required for conducting both Analog and Digital Experiments. It is a complete Laboratory set-up and since all requisite components are in a single frame the interconnections are minimal, firm and noise free.

Feature Description  
Power Supply – 5 ranges
  • 5 Volts @ 600 mA with "Trip and Delay reset". Overload protection feature in most cases saves even the IC's from damage.
  • +/- 12 Volts @ 250 mA, with constant Current overload protection
  • 0 to 30 volts, variable @100 mA, with constant current overload protection.
  • Centre tapped AC 50 Hz 12 – CT –12 V (Isolated)
Clock Generator TTL and inverted TTL with 5 LS –TTL.
Low: 0.1 Hz to 30 Hz
Mid: 25 Hz to 3 KHz
High: 3 KHz to 240 KHz rectangular
Manual: single pulse mode
Function Generator Sine, Square and Triangular waves. 10 Hz to 150 KHz in 4 decade ranges with 0 V to +/- 10 V peak to peak. DC offset between -10V to + 10 V. Output impedance 600 ohms.
Logic Source (Switch Array) 8 bit TTL Logic source. Individual bit set, reset by wear proof tailor-made switches. Electronic de-bouncing. Individual bit display. Both Vcc & ground short circuit protected.
Logic Tester (Logic Probe) 8 bit logic tester. Hi, Low and Tri-state (Open/Hi-z) indicator. Input Impedance > 40 K ohm Protected for 5 Volts to +50 volts input.
Bread Board Area Space for three numbers of bread boards.
OPTION: Logic Source/ Tester can be increase by 8 each by addition of a Module which fits externally to the unit.